Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bella Mentoring Session

This summer I had the incredible opportunity to learn from Ale of Imaginale Design.  She is a photographer/videographer in Phoenix.  I stumbled upon Ale's website and was immediately drawn in by her beautiful female portraits. After meeting with Ale she explained to me that the female portraits were what she called a "Bella" session.  Ale created this idea for women to have a chance to experience a photo shoot celebrating their beauty & femininity.  It is a very empowering and unique opportunity.

Ale set up a Bella session for us to do together in order to show me the experience and to teach me some tips for photographing a portrait session.  I had so much fun making a flower crown and helping to brainstorm for this shoot.

I am going to share a few of the tips Ale shared with me during the shoot that have already proved invaluable to me in my photography.

1. Unexpected Framing: Ale instructed me during the shoot to look for opportunities to compose unique shots by cropping images in camera. I loved this tip because it really made me focus on each image and allowed me the opportunity to produce creative images. This is one of my favorite unexpected crops from this shoot: 

2. Hair Light: This is one I have been trying to accomplish for some time.  Ale taught me the importance of patience when looking for the perfect hair light shot.  Simply taking the time to move your subject and your camera around for a few minutes can allow you the most amazing light.  Even though we were shooting at a difficult time of day when the sun was still high, we were able to capture the perfect hair light by making slight adjustments in our position and utilizing the leafy wall in the background to reflect light. Here is one of my favorite hair light shots:

3. Pre-visualizing images: This was probably the most valuable tip for me. Ale taught me the importance of creating an inspiration board for a shoot to help create a unified vision.  Then, more specifically, to envision actual specific shots I wanted from the shoot.  With this in mind, I was able to keep a visualization of the images I hoped to achieve in the back of my mind while actually shooting the subject.  This really helped me to end up with the product I had envisioned, not only overall but each specific image resonated with my concept.  Below is an image from the shoot that I pre-visualized. I wanted a dreamy shot with flowers & tulle to embody the overall concept:

And now, the rest of the shoot:

This was such a wonderful experience for me, I am so grateful for Ale and her creative vision and teaching skills!  If you are interested in doing a female portrait session, feel free to email me at :)



  1. Lovely lovely photographs dear!
    Best, Zia

  2. You consistently amaze me with your endless talents!!!

  3. Absolutely stunning photos! Very beautiful girl x

  4. I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog! Keep up the great work ♡

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